Total Cost Of Ownership Important In Purchase

The total cost of ownership is an important number to know before purchasing a vehicle. Our sales department takes enormous pride in making sure each customer knows the "total cost of ownership" on any vehicle they want to buy.

What is the monthly payment? How much gas will you use each month? What will your insurance premiums look like? These are important questions to have answers to. Many just assume the total cost includes just the money they spend on a car loan. That's usually the bulk of any "total cost of ownership."

The number we calculate goes beyond that. We take into consideration your monthly fuel consumption. We also factor in your insurance estimate. We also consider any state fees associated with your purchase or owning the vehicle. We then also add a regular maintenance schedule cost. It's important to assess the entire cost as a whole. That's what our sales department does best. This way you can always find the vehicle that fits your budget.

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