Read About These 2018 Ford C-Max Performance Features

Looking for a new vehicle can be frustrating if you don’t understand what each vehicle you have in mind offers when it comes to performance and capability. If you are currently in the market for a compact hybrid, then you should check out the 2018 Ford C-Max. The C-Max is a hybrid with performance features that provide a seamless driving experience. To learn more, read further.

One notable performance feature that is included with the new model is a Electronically Continuously Controlled Variable Transmission (eCVT). This transmission is built in-house and provides seamless transition from the electric motor and engine to wheels during acceleration. As a result, there will not be upshifts and downshifts that are common in traditional transmissions. The hybrid also comes with Brake Coach, which guides you on how to brake and maximize energy return.

We welcome you to test drive the 2018 Ford C-Max at Arroway Ford in Bedford Hills, NY.

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