Ford Edge remains a popular compact SUV targeted at families, but its performance combines the most advanced race car-inspired tech. Then there's the absurd towing capacity and 335 horsepower that so excites our fast and furious Arroway Ford team. The following two performance features sum up why we love Ford Edge so much.

Sheer Race Car Melody

Capitalizing on research that showed a connection between engine response and increased driving pleasure, Ford Edge has electronic throttle programming that creates a more engaged feel. It also elicits sharper engine braking for optimal vehicle deceleration when rounding corners. The result is a ride that sounds like muscle but handles with utter grace, a welcome strength when navigating busy roads in Bedford Hills.

Active Noise Control

?For drivers who don't want tons of engine sound rattling the cabin, Ford Edge has active noise control to minimize engine acoustics. The system picks up unwanted engine frequencies and cancels them out with opposing sound waves transmitted via in-cabin speaker.

Hear the noiseless power of Ford Edge today for yourself with a fun test drive at our dealership.


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